improve employee engagement


A recent Gallup Poll showed that there is no correlation between income level and job satisfaction. Financial incentives are not proven to be particularly effective in engaging employees.

Rather the concept of purpose-driven work is increasingly correlated with professional fulfilment. Employees expect their companies to make the world a better place, and the level to which you act on this determines their engagement.

Improve Employee Retention And Recruitment

75% of UK employees now consider it important to work for an organisation that has an active policy to reduce its carbon emissions.

Having a sustainability programme leads to:
55% better employee morale
43% more efficient business process
38% improved employee loyalty

Employee Engagement Leads To Success

Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, profit-generating and are more likely to be retained (keeping the skills and training you have invested in them, in your business).

Employee engagement is a key strategic initiative that drives employee performance, accomplishment and continuous improvement all year long. It is the employers’ job to
create a culture and an environment that is conducive to employees making the choices that are good for the business and good for them.

Employee engagement is hard work and will take time to impact the bottom line. But once it is in place your company will operate far more efficiently.
Make sure the engagement programme is part of the sustainable goals of the business, not just an add on.

Other Sustainability Engagement Benefits

One of the potential benefits of having a workforce engaged in the sustainability goals of your business is that more of them may choose, or be incentivised, to commute using an active travel method (e.g. walking or cycling).

Being active on the way to work has been shown to improve productivity and leads to happier and healthier employees.

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